Student - visas

The Australian Education system is rated one of the top in the world, with lot of options for students from overseas. There are both government funded, free options as well as private schooling options. There are education options available to all age groups, current level of education and scholastic ability. Entry in different types of education will require the applicant to meet the entry requirements which may well be sufficient completion of prior education at a satisfactory level, or satisfactory completion of an entrance examination.

Australian is a multicultural , peace loving and tolerant country having vast opportunities for migrants of diverse backgrounds. The very friendly, safe and multicultural environment makes Australia a desirable destination for international students seeking access to our campuses and communities.Australia provides international students with consumer protection from loss of fees should a school close for one reason of another leaving the student out of pocket.

There are different levels of assessment for a student visa. It depends upon your nationality and the type of Student Visa you are applying for – these factors will be used to measure you assessment level which will range from one to five. The higher your assessment level score, the more documentary evidence you will be required to provide with your applications

You have to choose the right student visa that would lead to a career of your choice. TN Migration Consultants can effectively guide you to increase the chance of getting a student visa. There are many student visa subclasses and you have to choose an appropriate category to ensure your student visa. Student visa are divided according to the subject or course curricular. The common subclasses of student visa are:

For Student wishing to apply for a stand alone English language course. This course may be needed for students seeking admission for higher studies in Australia.

A Visa for facilitating attendance by students at primary, junior as well as secondary education course in addition to permitting participation in school exchange programs at secondary level.

This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study a full-time vocational education and training course(Cert IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma).

This visa is required by students wishing to partake in course that offer qualifications such as a bachelor degree, associate degree, graduate certificate, a masters degree or graduate diploma.

Masters by research, PhD research degree at an Australian University need this Visa.

Non-awarded foundation courses, or full time courses, which do not lead an award in Australian but may be eligible to apply for another student visa. The Australian student visa is subject to the acceptance of the student by Australian universities or Australian educational institutions and duration of the course. We would provide you all necessary information on student visas and the formalities to be fulfilled to get a student visa granted soon you are contacted us.


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